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How to Add Thigh Straps to Your Alpacka
Now that Timmy J., author of "Alaska Whitewater: A Guide to Rivers & Creeks In The Last Frontier" has rolled his Alpacka, which you can see on YouTube, it seems that everyone wants to roll their Alpacka. The easiest way to accomplish that slick maneuver is to add thigh straps to your Alpacka. This article will lead you through that simple process.
 Inflatable Boat Fabric Chart or What Fabric is my Boat Made of?

In order to buy the right adhesive and repair fabric for your inflatable you need to know what fabric the boat is made of. The chart below is broken down into the two basic fabric types; plastic and rubber. By plastic I mean Coolthane, PVC, Urethane, Vynil, and the like. Rubber includes, but is not limited to; EPDM, Hypalon, and Neoprene.
As for adhesives; I like to use StaBond UK-148 or Clifton LA-4009 for plastic boats, and Clifton FA-1030 or FA-4844 for rubber boats. Here at Alaska Raft and Kayak in Anchorage we stock StaBond UK-148 for plastic fabrics and Clifton FA-4844 for rubber fabrics. Both of these adhesives are excellent two part glues. For instructions see my article in Fish Alaska Magazine; A Patch in Time, Field Repair of Inflatables.
Now, the disclaimers.
Number 1: Not all boats are either/or (plastic or rubber). Some manufacturers have built inflatables out of both fabrics, and some manufacturers have built boats using both types of fabrics at the same time! Incept started out making rubber boats, but most of their production today is plastic. Northwest River Supplies makes rubber boats for the most part, but lately have been offering some urethane coated nylon inflatables (Bandit and Rascal inflatable kayaks, and the Revolution Series cats and rafts) and plastic drop stitch inflatables (GigBob). Let's not forget Zodiac; Zodiac usually makes either plastic boats or rubber boats (the Grand Raid Series), but they have made boats using both types of fabric at the same time (necessitating the owner to have both types of adhesives and both types of fabrics in their repair kit)! Most of these boats were made in the late 70's through the 80's. Thankfully they have left that practice behind for the most part.
Number 2: This list is by no means complete. If you have a boat not on this list please let me know.). Or if you have a boat on the list with a different Coast Guard Designator please let me know. Please give me the manufacturer's name, the model name (or number), and the first three letters of the serial number (the Coast Guard Designator). Your help in developing this list will be greatly appreciated.
Plastic Boats                                                                       Rubber Boats
Common Names and                                                        Common Names and
Coast Guard Designators                                                Coast Guard Designators


AB Inflatables/XWF
Batello American Camper
Bombard/XDCSE Avon/AVB, GR-AVB
Coleman/CNP Boston Whaler/BWC
Conquest/PSA Campmaster/NSCL
Dave Scadden Pontoon Craft Campways/CMPR
Dewey's Cook Inlet/CN-XOMC Campari
Explorer Capri
FishCat/OCG, OCT Caribe/EMD
Gary King (Alaska Series)/KR-WSZ, WSZ Colorado/CMPR
Habec/CN-XOMC Demaree Inflatable Boats/DIB
Incept/HRB Dynos (Dynous)/TOY
J.W. Outfitters Goodyear
Jack's Plastic Welding/DQY Grabner/AT-GRA
Kingfisher Hurricane/ZSJ
Maravia/MRV, MCI Hyside/SRNBR
Maxxon/CN-XQMV, XQMC, XQMV Inflatable Boat Center (IBC)/WYK
Mercury/KR-USA, USA Incept/HRB
Nova/API Lancer
Odyssey/KP-XP, KR-XPZ, XPZ Legacy/POV
Omologato Battello Eurovinil Northwest River Supplies (NRS)/DIM, WSI
Outcast/ AIR, OCS Metzeler/LPM, MKH, OS, PM, TAL
Prestige Inflatables/PSA Momentum/BZA
Quicksilver/USA Motomar Floating
Radhail PTJ (by Plasteco Milano S.p.A.) NAME UNKNOWN/ASG
Sea Eagle/LES Nautylatex Mirage
Sevylor Novarania/PKD
Silver Streak Odyssey/TOY
Star/XEQL, XEQN, XEQR ProAdvantage/POV
Stearns/XOSA Riken/BZA, RQD
Storm Rouge Inflatables/RGE
Titan/HUS Somewhere On A River (SOAR)/SIML
Valiant/VALF Sunrunner/FRB
Vanguard (Venture Series)/XVYPE Toyo/TOY
Walker Bay/FWVAA T.R. Sillinger/MJUL
Water Master/OEI Udisco
Water Skeeter Uniroyal
West Marine/WMPB, WMPD Vanguard (Advantage Series)
Whitewater Manufacturing/WWQ Ventura
Wing Inflatables Wilderness Trails
Wood River Yukon Inflatables/YUK
Xtreme/CN-CIMDX Zeppelin
Zebec/KR-WSZ, WSZ Zodiac/XDC, etc (model number is needed)
Zodiac/XDC, etc (model number is needed) Zephyr