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Aire Rafts

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AIRE Rafts Series

AIRE Puma Series
The Puma Series lets you turn whitewater—big or small—into your own personal playground. Enhanced with narrow beams, high rockers and a continuous curve design, these zippy, durable boats are designed to play in waves and run tight lines. They add a level of excitement to running easier class II and III water and yet have the stability necessary for experienced paddlers to run big class V sections and drop waterfalls. Set up with a fishing frame, anglers can take advantage of their excellent maneuverability and responsiveness for fishing on any kind of water.

AIRE "R" Series
Our best, most stable all-around whitewater boat—ready to run big water. The “round” design, with its large tube diameters and long water lines, offers maximum stability and stiffness and makes it a great choice for groups and gear on big rivers. Set it up with an oar frame for extended trips, or occasionally run as a paddle raft.

AIRE "E" Series
For more technical, narrow, rocky rivers, the “elliptical” design delivers excellent maneuverability. It features a high-rising bow, slightly narrower beam and smaller diameter tubes and a square stern to guide from for action-packed whitewater adventure on steep, challenging rivers.

AIRE "D" Series
Our top performance raft is quick on the water and features “diminished” bow and stern tube diameter to put you close to the action. The perfect all-around raft for paddle teams, it offers excellent maneuverability in challenging conditions. Also suitable for outfitting with an oar frame for extended trips.

The biggest "diminished" tube boat we offer, this is a maneuverable, high-performance choice for big groups on extended trips. Extra width offers stability in rapids and provides plenty of room to haul a big gear and passenger load.

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