Tender (Roll Up)

Tender (Roll Up)

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INMAR Inflatable tender line of boats make for a great recreational experience. Perfect as inflatable fishing boats or simple dinghies and yacht tenders. The tender boats offered at Inmar Inflatables provide an economical and portable solution to your personal boating needs and make great starter boats for the new enthusiast. With free shipping available on the majority of our tender boats selection, you’re sure to receive the best price for your new boat from Inmar Inflatables.

The Tender Series ® offers many of the features found in our Professional Inflatables, but with colors and options better suited for the recreational or yacht boater.

INMAR is still producing the standard 1100 Decitex tubes, but have added double hull protection standard. This allows 1.8mm of lower tube protection compared to most other brands at only 0.9 mm. This second layer is added to the rear of the tube bottoms, protecting from those rocky beaches. All our Tender Series have 3 independent air chambers +1 keal air chamber standard. Safety and keeping you afloat is priority one for INMAR inflatables.

Our Tender Series ® boats are designed to be functional, durable and versatile. Two people can assemble most of our models and have the craft operational in less than 20 minutes.